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Child Therapy Innovations is proud to offer speech, language, and reading therapy in the Miami, FL area to children birth-18 years of age.

Offering therapy in the following areas:
  • Articulation - Includes the ability to produce consonants and vowels accurately. Children with deficits in this area tend to be untelligible and become frustrated when others do not understand them. Substitute sounds (i.e. tat for kat, thun for sun, fis for fish, gween for green, poon for spoon, etc.).


  • Receptive Language - The ability to auditorily comprehend and process spoken language. Children will often have trouble following directions, may need clarification, and may appear like they are not listening. This may also lead to difficulties with speech and written language.


  • Expressive Language - Involves verbal and written expression. Evident by delayed milestones of first words, combining words, and using sentences in conversation. In preschool children, they may be unable to name simple objects and express wants and needs appropriately. In school-aged children, they may show poor spelling, poor word use in sentences, and an inability to produce grammatically correct sentences/paragraphs. Difficulties communicating with others.


  • Reading - Involves reading fluency and comprehension of text. Children with deficits in this area tend to read below grade level, have difficulties decoding unfamiliar words, show poor spelling skills, below average reading fluency, and poor comprehension.


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